Completion : 2002

Concept : Traditional Malay House

The complex was designed in remembrance to the friendly relationship between China and Malacca during the reign of Sultan Mansur Shah from 1456 till 1477. The relationship was enhanced further when Hang Li Po married to the Sultan and lived in the palace located at Bukit China.

A traditional Malay house and a Malacca Sultanate palace was chosen to be the concept of the new Embassy Complex to symbolize the relationship. The Malacca traditional Malay house can easily recognized by the glazed and multicoloured tiles of the main staircase. Normally, the house envinced a mixture of architectural influences which mainly adopted from the Chinese. The houses stand on posts which comprises of a verandah after the main staircase. After the verandah, a few steps are provided leading to the main area and other sections of the house.

Therefore, the Chancery building was designed to replicate the traditional concept with the inclusion of the Malacca traditional staircase. Although the overall concept was based on traditional elements, modern architectural features and Islamic motif were also introduced to reflect the present architectural development in Malaysia. To reduce maintenance cost, the overall facade were claded with granites and tiles.