Completion : 2019

Concept : Modern Malaysian International

This is the longest ever project under taken by Akitek Suria since establishment in 1988. It has gone through lots of obstacles and difficulties during the proposal, submission and construction period. The project started in 2004 under 5 Ambassadors and construction works only commenced in September 2015.

The Government of Malaysia owned a 4800 square meters of land in Moscow city with the intention to build an Embassy Office and Ambassador’s residence. Renting an office and accommodation in Moscow is very expensive as rental rates escalated on yearly basis. Building own office and accommodation is better option without having to face unpredictable rate every year.

It was not easy to develop a property in Moscow as it has to go through a lot of processes and bureaucracies. Patient is the keyword to every success in Moscow. The project was due for completion in January 2017 but was eventually postponed to July 2018 due to unpredicted financial issues that was never expected by the builder.

As required by the Moscow authorities, the building must be designed with a modern outlook. It was a normal practice in Moscow that building construction permit will be awarded together with the proposed building form and finishes. In order to incorporate Malaysia features, an aluminum composite finishes was introduced for the Chancery building external wall by arranging the façade in ‘Kelarai’ pattern. ‘Kelarai’ is bamboo woven material used for traditional Malay houses and palaces.

moscow- color scheme 4 -front

moscow- color scheme 4 - back


m1 m2