Completion : 2012

Concept : Artistic | Green Building


  • To integrate with the existing building in terms of connectivity and function.
  • To provide missing spaces such as meeting places for students and staff to interact casually eg. amphitheater, sitting areas, large corridors etc.
  • To position the new block and support facilities according to existing topography in order to preserve existing trees and minimize earthworks.
  • To create an entry point statement and proper drop off point to the faculty as the existing block did not provide for such facility.


  • To create building that can be used by students as a reference eg.: Precast building system, various type of staircases, glass canopy detailing, rainwater harvesting, cantilevered floors, centralized m&e services etc.
  • To create a building that can minimize operational cost by providing natural lighting and ventilation to corridors, lift lobbies, staircases, toilets, parking etc. Lighting for corridors are arranged alternately with separate switches and lighting for studios / offices are arranged parallel with the windows so that it is not necessary to on the light near the windows during day time. Sun shading lattices has been introduced outside the windows to reduce energy consumption of the air-conditioning.
  • To create a ‘lighter and dynamic look’ building so that it look more contemporary and lively to suit the function of the faculty.
  • To encourage students and staff to use staircases more than the lifts to keep them fit and healthy by providing large interesting staircases at prominent location from ground to third floor.
  • To create a building with more open or breathing spaces for students and staff to enjoy and to avoid sick building syndrome. Certain floors are provided with balconies with seating area and some with double volume open spaces. Lecturer’s rooms located on the highest floors are designed as a complex by itself to allow penetration of natural lighting and to create more open spaces within the rooms.
  • To design a user and disable friendly building.
  • To design a building that can be maintained easily eg.: By introducing larger window hood so that a person can clean the windows easily, back to back ducting for toilets, centralized M&E services area, separate service lift, tiling for auditorium, etc.


Most of the above concepts are achievable except for the followings due to budget / other constrains :

  • Amphitheater to be provided with tensile canopy roofing so that the space can be utilized all the time.
  • Informal seat / benches to be provided along the large corridors especially outside the lecturer rooms so that students can utilize after classes for discussion and waiting.
  • Plants should be planted at the balconies to create a more conducive and cool environment.
  • Workmanship is 60% satisfactory due to unskilled workers and not taking care of finished products by the contractors.